Tezra Ferris

The Feywind Merrymen's contact in the Volo guild


Tezra Ferris is a human female who is in her early 20s. She is 5’6”, weighing 119 lb. She has a small but noticeable scar just below her left eye.


Tezra Ferris is the great granddaughter of the famous explorer Volothamp Geddarm. She is the head of the Volo branch located on Mallorea. Though not an explorer herself, Tezra has a great attention to detail and quality of leadership that makes her instrumental in the day to day affairs of her particular guild branch.

Tezra hopes to live up to her great grandfather’s legacy by having Volo be the first organization to completely chart Mallorea and find the lost treasures of Nessus.

Tezra Ferris

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