From the Ashes

A whole new world

Thus begins the chronicles of the Feywind Merrymen, a group destined for great things. As with many heroes, the Feywind Merrymen came from humble beginnings and it is from these beginnings that I well tell my tale.

On 1132 DR, six bold adventurers came together and decided to leave home to see the world. The Feywind Merrymen traveled from the heart of the Dalelands and worked their way towards the Sword Coast and the great city of Baldur’s Gate. In Baldur’s Gate they sought the Guild of the Seven Suns. A grand guild that sponsored many adventurers and was always on the watch for new talent.

The Feywind Merrymen were to be disappointed. The Guild of the Seven Suns was going through a difficult time and due to odd nature of the Merrymen, their application for membership was denied. Isaac Sun, guild master of the aforementioned organization was not without pity and suggested that the group travel to the kingdom of Mallorea. He told them that it was a land of opportunity and one that was more open to their unique party members.

Isaac Sun booked the Merrymen as guards on a merchant ship sailing to Mallorea and they set sail. Though the rejection stung, the Merrymen were excited by the prospects of this new and wild land.

The Feywind Merrymen arrived in Mal Zeth, the capital city of Mallorea. Their talents noticed almost immediately, an introduction was made to Tezra Ferris of the Volo guild. Tezra commissioned the Merrymen to locate a missing spice shipment that had failed to arrive in Mal Zeth the day before. The most likely scenario being an ambush by bandits in the foothills a couple of days to the south. An easy enough task for the Feywind Merrymen…..or so it seemed.

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